British interest in American folk clogging began in the 1980's. It was heavily influenced by people who had learned from the Green Grass Cloggers, an American college team who mixed traditional footwork and square dance moves with many other influences to produce a hybrid style bearing little resemblance to modern American competition clogging. Making sweeping generalisations, dancers in the UK follow the Green Grass lead in wearing dark shoes with single taps, start   on the right foot and dance to live Old-time American music. Modern competition cloggers in America - and worldwide - tend to use white shoes with 'jingle' taps, start on the left foot and dance to recorded Country & Western or Bluegrass music. We have no formal competitions. British cloggers will often include other styles of step dance in their repertoire, mixing English wooden-sole clog dances with French Canadian and Cape Breton traditions and hard shoe dances from both Ireland and Scotland.

Claire by the Bluefields city marker Flax flower - click to see a field full

The adjoining towns of Bluefield in Virginia and West Virginia take their name from the local blue-flowering chicory trees and bluegrass. We take ours from the fields of blue flax grown in our area and taken to America by early settlers.

Here Claire decides wisely that 2 degrees below freezing is not a suitable temperature for showing off her team T-shirt by the town sign!    Click the picture to enlarge.